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TN Govt. allows STERLITE to produce oxygen conditionally… Politicians’ comments and reason to agree on this!

Vedanta has filed a petition in the court seeking permission to produce oxygen at the Thoothukudi Sterlite plant in the event of an oxygen crisis caused by Corona in India. The court advised that the Tamil Nadu government could take over the plant to produce oxygen at the Sterlite plant. However, Vedanta refuses to accept this.

In this context, the case of Vedanta seeking permission to produce oxygen is coming up for hearing in the Supreme Court today. In this, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy called for an all-party meeting approved to consult this issue.

Following this, AIADMK leaders including Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy, Deputy Chief Minister O.Panneerselvam, Vijayabaskar, RB Udayakumar, DMK Women’s Team Secretary & Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi, DMK Organization Secretary RS Bharathi, on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Congress were present at the all-party meeting held today. Former President Thangabalu, MP Jayakumar, State Secretary of the Communist Party of India Mutharasan, Deputy Secretary Veerapandian, State Secretary of the Marxist Communist Party K.Balakrishnan, former MLA Soundharajan, BJP state president L Murugan, KD Raghavan, BJP deputy general secretary Radhakrishnan, former MLA Ganesh, Captain council secretary Anburaj lawyer Balaji among others were present.

At the all-party meeting in Tamil Nadu, it was decided by all parties that the Sterlite plant could be temporarily open for oxygen production only for 4 months. We will see the views expressed by the leaders of the political parties in this regard.

Chief Minister Palanisamy: 

“It is not the government’s intention to open the Sterlite plant. Thus Sterlite can be allowed only to produce oxygen for 4 months. Oxygen production will be monitored by a team of local representatives. ”

DMK MP Kanimozhi:

Speaking to reporters after the all-party meeting, DMK MP Kanimozhi said, “Considering the current oxygen shortage, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and its allies have decided that the Sterlite plant can only be used to produce oxygen. Except for that, everything else there should be denied permission and the Tamil Nadu government should provide disconnected electricity to the plant. The production of oxygen is temporary. Following this example, no attempt should be made to open or continue to operate the Sterlite plant. We urge that oxygen production be carried out under the watchful eye of a group of environmental activists, protesters and the general public. ”

MDMK Vaiko:

Secretary-General of the Tamil Nadu Government Vaiko has expressed support for the decision. He said the government could take control of Sterlite and allow oxygen production, and not allow Sterlite management to operate the plant for any reason.

BJP L Murugan:

The BJP government is taking the position that the Sterlite plant can produce oxygen. The Tamil Nadu BJP has also demanded that Sterlite be allowed to produce oxygen as it is in a position to accept whoever supplies oxygen in a crisis situation “Human life is very important. Oxygen demand is high due to the corona secondary wave. Oxygen should be produced in Sterlite and supplied to Tamil Nadu. The BJP has said that the remaining oxygen can be given to other states to go to Tamil Nadu,” said Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan.

Communist Party of India:

The state secretary of the Communist Party of India, Ir. It is a matter of concern that the Central Government is acting in favour of Vedanta. Vedanta seeks to open the Sterlite plant using oxygen shortage. The government should not allow this. The government should take over and run the Thoothukudi Sterlite plant. The government has no objection to bringing the entire plant under government control and producing only oxygen for 4 months. ”

Marxist Communist Party:

State Secretary of the Marxist Communist Party K. Balakrishnan said, “The Tamil Nadu government should take over the Sterlite plant completely. Thus acquisition can carry out oxygen production. The Government of Tamil Nadu should not allow the Sterlite plant to operate under any activity other than oxygen production. The government must take action with the cooperation of the people. ”

VCK Thirumavalavan:

The VCK did not attend the meeting as only the recognized parties attended the all-party meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, party leader MP Thirumavalavan said, “We are in a very critical situation. The whole country suffers from a lack of oxygen. At the same time, it is not clear why unrecognized parties are not invited. It looks like Sterlite has decided to use this opportunity to open a plant. Demanding oxygen production is contradictory to Sterlite, which contempt the air. But even if we do not agree to open Sterlite, but we agree with it only for oxygen production. ”

TTV Dhinakaran: 

In a statement, TTV Dhinakaran of the AMMK party said, “In an environment where the Thoothukudi Sterlite plant is allowed to produce oxygen for only 4 months, not only the committee headed by the District Collector but also the High Court should monitor the work. At the same time, the Tamil Nadu government should take immediate steps to ensure that the oxygen already produced in Tamil Nadu is not sent abroad and used by patients here. ”

NTK Seeman:

Seeman, the coordinator of the Naam Tamil Party, has objected to the decision taken at the all-party meeting to allow oxygen production in Sterlite.

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“Tamil Nadu will become a battleground if they try to reopen the Sterlite plant by taking advantage of the Corona disaster environment; There will be law and order problems, ”Seeman said in a statement.

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