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The price of Parle-G biscuits increased from Rs.5 to Rs.50 after a rumour in Bihar !

Parle-G is said to be the 90s kids’ favourite biscuit till date. There were several rumours on the picture of the kid on the Parle-G biscuit pack. But now the biscuit was sold for Rs.50 instead of Rs.5 in Bihar because of a strange rumour.

Jitiya is a festival that is being celebrated in the areas of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Padesh where languages like Maithili, Magadhi and Bhojpuri are spoken. The mothers fast during this festival for 24 hours to pray for their sons’ health and prosperous life.

During the festival of Jitiya in Bihar’s Sitamarhi, “if male kids denied eating Parle-G biscuits on the festival, they would face untoward incidents in life”, a rumour was spread. Hence people started rushing to shops to buy it.

People stood in a queue without knowing the fact to buy the biscuits. Shops ran out of Parle-G biscuit stock, and so the biscuit packs worth Rs.5 were sold for Rs.50.

Though rumours were spread majorly in the rural areas, people in cities too bought the biscuits. ABP Live Hindi news reported that the stocks that were kept in the shops including the expired ones got sold because of the rumour.

The rumour spread in Sitamarhi’s Bairgania, Dheng, Nanpur, Dumra, Bajpatti and other areas. Shopkeepers started buying Parle-G biscuit stocks in larger quantities as people are still believing the rumour to be true, reported Amar Ujala media.

Similarly, a few years back in Bihar, a rumour on salt was spread, and people started buying 4-5 packets of salt. People are prone to believe rumours. Shopkeepers take advantage of this situation to clear their stocks including the expired ones.

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‘Sons should eat Parle-G on Jitiya or face untoward incident’: Strange rumour increases sales of biscuit in Bihar’s Sitamarhi

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