This article is from Apr 03, 2021

143 DMK candidates and 50 AIADMK candidates have criminal cases record- ADR report!

Legislative Assembly elections have been declared in states including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and West Bengal and voting is taking place in each phase.

In this context, the Party-wise candidate’s criminal case record who contesting in each state has released by Association for Democratic Reform (ADR) including property value.

According to the report, 143 of the DMK’s 191 candidates, 50 of the AIADMK’s 197 candidates, 163 of the BJP’s 319 candidates, 132 of the 239 candidates of the Congress party, 10 of the 23 candidates of the MNM Party, 20 of the 86 candidates of DMDK and 20 of the Marxist Communist Party. Out of 126 candidates, 77 have criminal cases against them and 14 out of 35 from the Communist Party of India.

Of them, 55 are in DMK, 21 in AIADMK, 108 in BJP, 5 in BJP, 82 in Congress, 10 in DMDK, 3 in CPI and 39 in CPI(M).

Of the 3,559 candidates analyzed in Tamil Nadu, 466 have criminal cases against them and 207 have serious criminal cases against them, the report said.

Also, in Tamil Nadu there are 29% criminal cases against candidates in the Aam Aadmi Party, 15% in the MNM and 14% in the Naam Tamil Party. Out of the 20 candidates of the Tamil Nadu BJP, 15 have criminal cases against them. Of these, 8 are said to have serious criminal cases against them.

The Association for Democratic Reforms is analyzing the candidatures of 3,559 of the 3,998 candidates. The DMK’s 10, Naam Tamil Party’s 30, People’s Justice Center’s 23 and AIADMK’s 59 candidates’ candidatures have not been uploaded their case details on the Election Commission of India’s website.

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