This article is from Apr 27, 2021

75% Chennai hospital bed is full! Tamil Nadu’s stats. and data.

As the number of people affected by the second wave of corona across the country rises, there is a shortage of beds and oxygen facilities for corona patients in hospitals.

The number of people receiving treatment at corona centres in government and private hospitals providing corona treatment in Tamil Nadu is also increasing. In Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, only 20% of beds remain in government hospitals due to the rising number of corona patients.

As of April 24, 3,444 of the 4,368 beds at the Rajiv Gandhi, Lower, Stanley, Omanthurai, Kings Hospital in Chennai were overcrowded with corona patients, leaving only 924 beds. Of the 1,618 beds in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, 512 are in 1900 out of 1200 in Stanley, 72 out of 575 in Omanthurai Hospital, 59 out of 525 in Kings and only 90 out of 450 in KMCH are available, according to data provided by the Tamil Nadu government.

Of the 11,645 beds in Corona Care Centers in Tamil Nadu district wise, 9,253 remain. 520 of the 750 beds at MGMGH in Trichy are overcrowded. The district collector said 550 of the 1,660 beds in the 6 corona maintenance centres in Trichy were overcrowded.

Of the 680 corona beds at the ESI hospital in Coimbatore, 636 are overcrowded, with only 2 of the 284 oxygen-assisted beds empty. However, 244 of the 865 beds in Coimbatore Medical College Hospital are overcrowded, leaving 95 of the 190 beds with oxygen assistance. However, of the 1,825 beds in the government hospital, 826 beds remain. Of the 2,630 beds in the district’s corona care centres, 1,505 remain.

Of the 1,887 beds in 7 government hospitals in Madurai, 933 remains. Of the 700 beds in the corona centres, 416 remain.

The site provides the number of beds, oxygen-assisted beds, ICUs, ventilators, etc. in private hospitals treating corona patients in Tamil Nadu, as well as the number of patients and the rest.

The government has said it will increase the number of beds in hospitals and centres in Tamil Nadu that are being treated for corona damage. We can hear about people coming to Tamil Nadu for corona treatment from other states. In the current scenario, it is essential to know and share the details of the number of corona beds in government and private hospitals. Such data may be useful to those in an emergency.
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