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60% of MLAs in TN have criminal cases, 86% are millionaires – ADR report

The Democratic Reform Alliance (ADR) and Tamil Nadu Election Watch have recently released details of the criminal background, property value and education of the MLAs elected by the people in the 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections.

Out of the 234 newly elected legislators in Tamil Nadu, 224 MLAs have issued this statement based on the details provided in the nomination papers.

Of the 224 MLAs, 134 (60%) said they had criminal cases against them. Of these, 57 (25%) have serious criminal cases against MLAs.

By party, 96 (77%) out of 125 MLAs in DMK, 12 (75%) out of 16 MLAs in Congress, 15 (23%) out of 66 MLAs in AIADMK, 5 out of Proletarian Party 4 (80%) of the MLAs, 3 (75%) of the 4 MLAs of the VCK, 2 (50%) of the 4 MLAs of the BJP, 2 (100%) of the Communist Party of India There are said to be criminal cases against MLAs.

Similarly, party-wise, 39 (31%) out of 125 MLAs in DMK, 6 (38%) out of 16 MLAs in Congress and 5 (8%) out of 66 MLAs in AIADMK have similar criminal cases. , 3 (60%) out of 5 MLAs of PMK, 1 (25%) out of 4 MLAs of VCK, 2 (50%) out of 4 MLAs of BJP, Communist Party of India 1 (50%).

Of the 224 MLAs who won in 2021, 192 (86%) are millionaires . 111 (89%) MLAs in DMK, 58 (88%) MLAs in AIADMK, 14 (88%) in Congress, 3 (75%) in PMK and 3 (50%) in BJP. 2 (50%) in the VCK and 1 (50%) in the Communist Party of India have assets worth over Rs 1 crore. There are 103 MLAs with assets worth over Rs 5 crore.

The average net worth of an MLA is Rs 12.27 crore. The average asset value of 125 DMK MLAs is Rs 12.96 crore and the average asset value of 66 AIADMK MLAs is Rs 11.78 crore.

Similarly, the average assets of 16 Congress MLAs are Rs 16.57 crore, the average assets of PMK 5 MLAs are Rs 2.22 crore and the average assets of 4 BJP MLAs are Rs. 12.14 crore, the average asset value of 4 VCK MLAs is Rs 5.05 crore, the average asset value of 2 CPI MLAs is Rs 2.61 crore and that of 2 CPI (M) MLAs average property value is said to be Rs 12 lakh.

The ADR report has been prepared on the basis of information provided by 224 of the 234 newly-elected MLAs in Tamil Nadu. At the time of filing the report, 8 MLAs of the DMK and 2 MLAs of Congress had stated that they had not examined the clear and adequate documents as they were not available on the Election Commission’s website.

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