Viral tea bill! Rs 50 service charge for Rs 20 tea… What does IRCTC say?

A receipt is going viral on social media where a passenger travelling on the Bhopal Shatabdi train paid a total of Rs 70 including a service charge of Rs 50 for the Rs 20 tea he drank.

On June 28, a passenger travelling on the Shatabdi train on the Delhi-Bhopal route placed a tea order in the morning. The incident of charging a service fee of Rs 50 per tea is being shared with severe criticism on social media.

In a statement issued by the Indian Railways in 2018, it is said that “passengers travelling on express trains such as Rajasthani, Shatabdi, Toronto will be charged an additional fee of Rs. 50 for food ordered during the journey without pre-booking the meal during the reservation”.

In trains like Rajasthani, Shatabdi, Toronto etc., additional charges are levied for food ordered from railway catering during the journey without prebooking the meal option at the time of ticket booking or not paying for it. It is learned that the receipt which is going viral was also issued by Shatabdi Railway. However, the service charge of Rs 50 per tea is drawing criticism.

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