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Untold truth: what really happened to Thanjavur student ? Viral video

You can bend it and twist it .. You can misuse and abuse it… But truth prevails at the end.

The incident where a 12th class student of a Christian school in Michaelpatti, Thanjavur district, died after drinking pesticides has been causing a stir in Tamil Nadu.

The BJP and right-wing organizations continue to fight the video of the student being treated in hospital before her death, which spread on social media, claiming that the student’s suicide was due to forced conversion and persecution.

In this case, another new video of the student speaking during treatment at the hospital has been released and is going viral on social media. Here is the actual confession of the student before her death.

Girl: I am ** Father’s name is **, Mothers name is ***. I always secure first rank at school. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to school this year due to family situation. I joined late. In the boarding school sister will be there and she will ask me to check income expenditure accounts. Even if I tell her that I came in late, and little confused with the accounts and request that I will complete it afterwards she would refuse and order me to complete it immediately . She always makes me to write . Even when I do it perfectly she would always says it is all incorrect and make me sit with it for atleast an hour. I couldn’t concentrate on studies and got low marks . I decided if this circumstances continues I will not be able to study and drank poison.

Anonymous man: What is your name?
Student: —-
Anonymous man: What is the name of that sister?
Student: Sagayamary
Anonymous man: What is the name of the School Head Master?
Student: She din’t do anything
Anonymous man: I asked for her name
Student: Arokiyamary
Anonymous man: Did she make you do any other chores?
Student: She will ask me to lock gate and will ask me to do all work
Anonymous man: What kind of chores you do?
Student: While everyone wakes up I unlock the gate, Switch on motor, After meals check if motor is working properly. The warden always makes me do all work.
Anonymous man: What’s his name ?
Student: Whenever I question him he would reply I am only responsible
Amnonymous man: At school are you told to not wear bindi
Student: No they don’t tell such things
Anonymous man: Did you go to native for Pongal holidays

Student: If I ask for permission they will say that I need to study and refuse to let me go . They make me stay in hostel
Anonymous man: You did not visit this time for Pongal too?
Student: This time as I was sick they let me go
Anonymous man: Do they know you drank poison
Student : No they don’t

Muthuvel’s, phone belonging to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been handed over for investigation. He is said to have taken 4 videos. The first video is the personal details of the student, the second is the new video that is currently going viral, the third is the video regarding conversion and the fourth one is the  student’s stepmother video.

In the video, which is currently going viral, the student did not mention conversion. In addition, when asked if they would say no to bhindi  at school, she replied that they would not say anything like that.

Meanwhile, Michaelpatti School Administration said in a statement, “The loss of the student is an irreparable loss to the school and the school administration. The student stayed there not wanting to go home even on vacation. The student is blaming the caretaker of the hostel. Therefore, the school administration will always support legal action in this regard. Some sections are taking up the issue for politics. ”

Earlier, an interview given by one of the Tanjore BJP leaders had caused a agitation as there was no conversion behind the student suicide. In this case, the new video of the student going viral has raised various doubts.

If you have any suicidal thoughts please contact :TN helpline|: 104

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New video of Thanjavur Student

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