The conspiracy of the Army jawan who caused a stir for humiliating his wife is exposed!

An audio of the army soldier Prabhakaran has been leaked related to the incident where some people allegedly assaulted the army soldier’s wife in padavedu village of Tiruvannamalai. In this audio he talked about various things like sharing, about the stabbing, that Jeeva should convey the same as what he  said to others, etc..
Army soldier Prabhakaran posted a video saying that 120 people attacked his wife Keerthi, who was running a shop in the village of Padavedu in Tiruvannamalai district, and demanded protection for his family.
But no one attacked or insulted, his mother or his wife Keerthi. The Tiruvannamalai police report said that the initial investigation revealed that it was Jeeva (Keerthi’s Brother) who hit the shop owner Ramu on the head with a knife.

The audio of Prabhakaran talking to Vinod regarding this incident has now been released. And here goes the conversation between them :

Soldier : How to talk to Jeeva and Udhaya immediately?

Vinod : I tried calling so many times and it seemed to be busy. I’m frustrated that I may break my mobile.

Soldier : OK, wait a minute. Jeeva said he has a lot of support, but what did he do till now?

Vinod : He did not do anything.

Soldier : Did he bring goons?

Vinod : No. He said he would bring them but didn’t do anything.

Soldier: Shall I tell you something, Vinoth? I have put in a lot of work for this. Today or tomorrow, you’ll see the result of my work. Understood? Yes, where is he?

Vinod : Who?

Soldier : Jeeva? Is it possible to talk to him now?

Vinod : I came out. I tried, but the number was busy. I don’t know to whom he is talking.

Soldier : He is mad, he keeps on talking but does nothing. Everything is over. And see, the entire Tamil Nadu will go on strike. It will start at noon. And the entire TN will go on strike. Exaggerate and say that this is what happened. Entire Tamil Nadu will go on strike. This has been viewed by 6 crore people. I have circulated on Youtube, FB, Twitter and to the political parties BJP and NaamTamilar.

The important thing is…They can’t touch Jeeva and Udhaya. Nobody has any gain in beating Jeeva or Udhaya. So they can come out and you can show them. You could say they were also involved in the clash. Apart from that, the issue of beating my wife alone is severe now.

Vinod : Okay, brother. Last night he said goons from Vellore would be coming. I was sleeping in the flat. Your father-in-law is scared as there are no one. I went and spoke to your mother-in-law and others.

Soldier : It is important to have some people there again during the strike. At least 10 – 20 people are required. We need our guys for that. While talking, I said they made my wife half naked and beaten right…

Vinod : Should Jeeva and Udhaya be there? Or not needed?

Soldier : They will come for sure, they should come, make the arrangements. See to it that you are hidden in a place nearby. Okay, they are nearby only. Tell him(Jeeva) to say that he did it while I (Jeeva) saw my sister being attacked. Ask him to say I(Jeeva) got angry seeing it.I did not stab them with a knife, and asked them to show them the proof. Don’t talk about the stabbing. No need to talk about that. He should talk like “They attacked my sister and I attacked them”. Be clear. This has become a huge issue. We don’t want the shop even if they give up now. We just need respect. The time has come for Selavaraj to go to jail. It has become a huge issue. It seems like you are not aware of what is going on.

Vinod : I don’t know Brother.

Soldier : The place is scared now. Entire Padavedu is scared. You will come to know about it soon.

Vinod : Send me the link Brother.

Soldier : Do you know how many politicians spoke to me? From Ministers to CM’s cell. Many talked on the phone. One important person spoke to me and I should not say who it was. We should strike in Tiruvannamalai district and by tonight we should put them in jail. Don’t worry.

Vinod : Okay, brother.

Soldier : Don’t discuss this with anyone.

Vinod : No brother, I will not say this to anyone.

Soldier : Yes, don’t say. They will be alert then. I should not have let you know that.

Vinod :Don’t you know about me, brother?

Soldier : Don’t say this to anyone. Keep quiet. Let everybody go to jail. And gets beaten in jail. Only then will they know.

Vinod : Okay, brother.

Soldier : Okay, Vinoth. Ask them to talk to me first.

Vinod :I called Jeeva and he is busy. I will ask him to talk to you for sure.

Soldier : Only if they call can I tell them what I spoke on the spot so that they also say the same.
Prabhakaran had deliberately used the honor of being an Army Jawan Havildar for his own purposes and to cover up the stabbing of his brother-in-law (Jeeva). And some political parties are mispropagandizing it for their political gain.

Link : Leaked Audio of Army Jawan Havildar Prabhakaran! Cunning Plan Exposed

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