The GHAR website now makes it simple to locate missing children!

According to NCRB data, 83,350 children have gone missing in 2022 alone!

The NCRB released a report on “Crime in India” for 2022 last December 03. The report claims that in just 2022, 83,350 children in India went missing. Of these missing children, 20,380 are boys, 62,946 are girls and 24 are transgender.

In this, maximum of 12455 children went missing in West Bengal and 11352 children went missing in Madhya Pradesh. And out of 83,350 missing children, 76,069 children are on the list of abducted children. Notably, 81% of them (62,099 people) are girls.

Further analysis of rescued children shows that 80,561 children (20,254 boys, 60,281 girls, and 26 transgenders) have been rescued so far till 2022.

Union Minister Smriti Irani has written a response to a question regarding the Union Women and Child Development Ministry in the Lok Sabha meeting held on the 2nd of February. According to information released by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), there are 5,175 missing children listed on the GHAR (Go Home and Reunite) website. She said that they had been registered for recovery.

GHAR website to help rescue missing children:

The website “GHAR (GO Home and Re-Unite)” was launched by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) on November 22, 2022, on the occasion of World Children’s Day (November 20). This will enable easy digital tracking of data related to the recovery and repatriation of missing children.

It also addresses issues such as child trafficking and human rights violations. It collects information related to missing children in all states and union territories. Also, in a press release issued by the Union Ministry, it has been said that training programs are being provided to the concerned officers of the GHAR Portal in North Eastern states.

While the NCPCR Commission is already monitoring cases under sections of i) POCSO Act 2012, ii) Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015 and iii) Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act 2009, it also tracks the details of missing children from the GHAR website digitally now.

Key Features of GHAR Website :

  1. The GHAR website, which is intended to safeguard children’s rights and welfare, will make it easier for minors who are enrolled in the juvenile justice system to be repatriated to other nations, states, or districts by means of digital surveillance.
  2. Digital transfer of cases of children to the concerned Juvenile Justice Board/Child Welfare Committee of the State for speedy repatriation of children.
  3. Where there is a requirement for a translator/interpreter/expert, a request to be made to the concerned State Government.
  4. Child Welfare Committees and District Child Protection Officers can ensure proper restoration and rehabilitation of children by digitally monitoring the progress of the case of the child.
  5. A checklist format will be provided in the forms so that the children who are hard to repatriate or children who are not getting their entitled compensation or other monetary benefits can be identified.
  6. Since the Ghar is connected to the Track Child Portal and CCTNS (Crime and Criminal Tracking Network) which tracks missing children and their tracing, the work gets easier.
  7. It allows citizens to report information about missing children through the website “Khoya-Paya”.



GHAR (GO Home and Re-Unite) Portal for Restoration and Repatriation of Child launched by NCPCR

Crime in India Year Wise 2022 Vol 3 Report

Smriti Zubin Irani calls upon CWCs and DCPUs to implement effectively the JJ Rules for Child Protection across the Nation on Nov 20, 2022.

GHAR (Go Home and Reunite) Website

Khoya-Paya Portal for finding missing kids

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