This article is from Jun 02, 2021

Theni hospital staff ask the patient family to enter the mortuary and take the body of their kin among the piles of the dead body!

Bala, a resident of Silvarpatti in the Theni district, suffered from severe shortness of breath last Sunday due to coronavirus. He was admitted to Theni Government Medical College Hospital on May 30. However, he died on May 31. After this, his relatives demanded that his body but the hospital management reportedly responded casually that the body was in the mortuary, that you can go and pick it up yourself.

The relatives who went to the mortuary, the bodies of the victims who all have died of the corona were piled up without following any basic covid protocol. These videos and photos were published on many news and social media sites.

The hospital management did not even help in transporting the body and the relatives alleged that they had loaded the body in the ambulance without proper precautionary measures.

Commenting on the incident, Theni Government Hospital Dean Balajinathan said, “The bodies are being handed over to relatives following the instructions of the Tamil Nadu government. We have ordered dismiss the temporary employee of the Crystal Company who acted negligently. He said the bodies were piled up due to the lack of space.

When reporters asked the question why they keeping the bodies of the victims of Corona not even covered with a plastic cover and following the rules he added that “proper action will be taken against the mortuary guard and it is also wrong to allow relatives without asking any question into the mortuary.”

On the one hand, not following proper procedures during pandemics, and neglecting to care for dead bodies without proper respect shows the negligent attitude of the medical profession.

News such as this coming in day by day and these tragedies are now also taking place in Tamil Nadu also which also raises questions about the effectiveness of the TN health sector.

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Hospital staff asks relatives to look for kin among pile of bodies of Covid victims

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