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Did the Minister provide a broken chair to Thirumavalavan ?

Viduthalai Siruthaigal Party President Thirumavalavan met Transport Minister Rajakannappan recently on his birthday to convey his wishes. Few pictures during their meet are all over social media. One among the set of pictures is circulated widely claiming that a broken chair was provided to Thirumavalavan to sit, though there was an empty sofa available in the room.

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VCK President Thirumavalavan has shared on his Facebook page about visiting Rajakannappan.

CTR Nirmal Kumar from BJP has shared a picture of Thirumavalavan-Rajakannappan’s meet on his Twitter page stating “Caption please”. Few have commented on Thirumavalavan’s posture and about the chair that he was sitting on. Few commented their thoughts in the form of memes. We have been asked for an article by our followers on this issue.

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We spoke to Vanni Arasu from VCK on this controversial discussion on social media. He said, “Minister Rajakannappan received our VCK President Thirumavalavan at his doorsteps. And no disrespect was seen during their meet. Moreover, Thirumavalavan is a simple person by nature, and crossed arms posture is one among his usual arm gestures. This doesn’t mean he bowed down in front of the minister. If these misinformation spreaders are really concerned then they should have questioned the minister wherein the case is completely opposite. This shows their intention on raising controversial discussions”.

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As Vanni Arasu said, we found a video of their visit where the Minister seem receiving Thirumavalavan at his doorstep. Other pictures during their visit also show different arm gestures of Thirumavalavan which proves that he was not in crossed arms posture throughout the meet or most of the time spent with the Minister.

‘ABP Nadu’ has tweeted, “Kittu from VCK said that the picture where Thirumavalavan seems to have crossed arms posture in front of the Minister was a framed one with intentions because I am the one who captured all the photos”.

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When we look into the other pictures during their meet it is clear enough to identify that the chair was not broken. Moreover, Kittu from VCK has also said, “Minister has asked Thirumavalavan to sit on the sofa. Since there was a statue in between two sofas which might be a hindrance for the conversation, Thirumavalavan preferred to sit on a chair which was nearby”.

The chair seems to be unbroken in other pictures captured during their meet. It is also clear from Kittu’s statement that Thirumavalavan was not denied providing a sofa. Vanni Arasu has clarified that his posture was a casual one. Building controversies on this issue seems to spread caste hatred in society.

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