Threatened to publish your obscene photos? Worry no more, do this!

Artificial Intelligence shortly called AI is developing in a tremendous way each and every day. Although the AI platform garners huge applause among the human race, it still has its own demerits of seriously affecting the safety and privacy of women on social media.

Some exclusive websites use new AI technologies to transform a photo or video of a clothed woman into a nude one within seconds. Through these controversial websites, intimate photos of women are now being widely circulated on social media without their knowledge.

In addition to these AI technologies, women’s photos are being photoshopped and misrepresented on social media in the name of revenge also.

Explanation of NCII and its implications:

The phrase NCII is now widely seen on social media. What is the reason for such a spread? Generally, NCII (Non-Consensual Intimate Images) is a phrase used to refer to the illegal dissemination of intimate and sexual images of a person in the media without the prior consent of the person concerned. This is elaborated in the Constitution of India under Information Technology Act, 2000, Section 66E.

According to this Act, “Whoever, intentionally or knowingly captures, publishes or transmits the image of a private area of any person without his or her consent, under circumstances violating the privacy of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine not exceeding two lakh rupees, or with both.”

However, many women who are aware that their private images (NCII) are being circulated on social media are often subjected to sexual harassment by the person disseminating these images (criminals) rather than legal access. This can be confirmed by a case that took place in the Delhi High Court on May 11.

Also, author Vasudev Devdasan, a communications program officer at the National Law University of Delhi and a researcher on the prevalence of NCII in India has analyzed and explained the rise in incidents of dissemination of intimate photographs of women (NCII) in the last five to ten years.

How to delete this NCII photo and videos?

Come let’s see some simple steps, solutions and methods:

Facebook, Instagram’s parent company Meta has launched in India to tackle these issues related to women’s privacy. It works in collaboration with the UK-based Revenge Foreign Helpline.

Through this website, women can register their private photos and videos on and submit complaints. Based on this complaint, the photo of the woman which is illegally circulating on social media is removed, and the affected women can do this easily. For this, the age of the reporting female must be 18 years.

Also, uses the photos we upload using a process called image hashing to assign a hash value (digital fingerprint) to the photo. Usually, each duplicate image of a photo has the same hash value. So this hash is shared with the concerned companies and based on the complaint it detects the images shared on social media and removes them.

How can I file a complaint? advises the following six steps to file a complaint:

1. Select the relevant private image/video from your cell phone on the site.

2. will generate a digital fingerprint, called a hash, for the image/video on your cell phone.

3. Following this, your complaint will be successfully created and you will be assigned a corresponding complaint number.

4. Based on this, the concerned company will be contacted and the photo will be removed based on the complaint.

5. periodically checks for digital fingerprint matches on relevant websites.

6. You can check the status of your complaint or withdraw it anytime using your complaint number.

These steps are clearly explained one by one through the video below.

And every woman should know that according to Article 21 of the Constitution, she has the fundamental right to make independent decisions about her body and that it is very important to have a deep understanding of her body.

A woman’s body is not always just an object of obscenity..!!




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