This article is from Mar 22, 2021

Photoshopped fake news and their impact increasing on the election campaign!

As the election field heats up in Tamil Nadu, fake news against political parties and photoshopped fake news card news are dominating social media. So, let’s take a closer look at some fake news cards recently circulating on social media and their impact.

  1. DMK-VCK meeting:

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A news card claiming that Villupuram district DMK refuses to cooperate with the campaign. They are being detained outside the city on the grounds that they will not be able to get votes if our party goes with the flag. ”

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However, no such news card was published in the Thandhi news. The news agency has posted this as fake news as it has gone viral on social media.

2. Vanniyar Reservation:

Two fake news cards have been circulating that former DMK ministers Ponmudi and EV Velu have said that they will cancel the Vanniyar reservation if the DMK comes to power.

DMK MK Stalin has stated in the Kanchipuram campaign that the reservation announced for the Vanniyar is just an announcement and that the DMK will implement that reservation.

3. Intelligence Report:

Some social media users are spreading a fake edited news card in the name of News7 Tamil news as secret research information of the Tamil Nadu intelligence that the DMK will lose the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. however, it is fake.

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4. H. Raja:

A fake news cards spreading as BJP leader H Raja said “if petrol and diesel prices are high go for the bullock cart.” Also, they are spreading fake news that petrol prices are lower now than the Congress regime.

5. Edappadi Palanisamy:

The Tamil Nadu government had declared all students up to class 11 as All-Pass due to Corona. But, a fake news card spreading as the 12th-grade students also pass in this year.

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Apart from these, we are also exposing the misleading and fake campaign poster against the NTK Party and the edited video against the AIADMK minister.

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They are trying to create an anti-social mood on social media by spreading many hoaxes and photoshopped news cards against political parties and their leaders in the Tamil Nadu elections. All this is done by some political agenda where it is totally believed by some ordinary people who do not know about fake news.

As fake news card news is on the rise on the internet, people need to know the authenticity of the news before they share and post it on social media platforms.

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