This article is from Oct 18, 2020

100-year-old husband and 92-year-old wife defeats Corona with the Government Hospital Service!

Subsequent relaxations have been announced in India and people are returning to normal life as the COVID-19 epidemic has not completely disappeared. News of corona virus infection has also become something people are accustomed to. On the other hand, many people are infected with the corona virus.

Meanwhile, a 100-year-old husband and his 92-year-old wife who was diagnosed with the corona virus have been treated and discharged.

Vaithiyanathan, a 100-year-old man from Thiyagarayanagar, Chennai, was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai on the 4th October due to fever and cough. Tests carried out there confirmed the presence of the corona virus.

Meanwhile, his wife Janaki (92) was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital on October 5 due to symptoms and problems. Both husband and wife have been physically and mentally strong. Both couples who received treatment have now returned home after recovering from the corona.

When contacted, the doctor at the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, who treated Janaki, said, “Janaki a 92,year old woman was confirmed positive on corona and admitted to the hospital for more than 10 days. She was under my observation for 3 days. We provided the usual medication and treatment for corona patients. They are now fully recovered and returning home. ”

In Chennai, coronavirus patients are treated not only at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Stanley Government Hospital, Keelpaakkam Government Hospital, Omanthurai Government Corona Special Hospital are also active as Corona Centres.

Of these, 3 elderly people over 90 years of age, including a 99-year-old woman who was admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital with a serious coronavirus infection and lung damage, have fully recovered and returned home in a same day. Twenty-seven elderly people over the age of 90, including a 100-year-old man admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, have made a full recovery from the corona.

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