In a case related to Senthil Balaji, the main accused is dead… The post-mortem report has not come even after months! Why?

Senthil Balaji, who is the Minister of Electricity, Prohibition and Excise in the DMK regime, was the Transport Minister of the AIADMK government in 2015. He received several crores of rupees for the jobs of bus drivers, conductors and mechanics when he was in the transport sector. Months have passed since one of the main culprits died of consuming poison after the job scam case, and no investigation has been carried out.

Baskar was embroiled in a scam case when he was working as a junior assistant at the Tamil Nadu Government Metropolitan Transport Corporation in Saidapet, Chennai. According to the First Information Report filed by the Central Crime Branch of the Chennai Police in connection with the job scam, Baskar is A1, the first accused.

It is said that Baskar died on February 24, 2022, due to the consumption of poison. After Baskar’s death, in a complaint lodged at Jam Bazar Police Station, Baskar’s mother, Vimala said, “In 2015, a case was registered on Baskar in the Central Crime Branch and he went to Puzhal Jail and was later released on bail. Due to family problems, he was separated from his wife and lived alone in a workhouse. On 24/02/2022 it was reported that my son had consumed poison. He was taken to Royapet Government Hospital by auto and given intensive treatment. The doctor informed me that he died on 27.02.2022 at around 10.30 pm. Action should be taken regarding the letter of confession that was in Baskar’s bag while he was undergoing treatment.”

In this regard, when speaking to the Assistant Inspector of Jam Bazar Police Station, “Transport Department employee Baskar died as he consumed poison on 24/02/2022. He has 3 cases pending against him in connection with a transport job scam. He was under stress due to the scam case and family problems and consumed poison,” he said.

When asked about the letter of confession from Baskar, he refused saying that the details cannot be revealed. The case is still under investigation. “The police have not yet received the post-mortem report of Baskar, who died in February,” he said.

According to the first information report filed by the Central Crime Branch of the Chennai Police in 2015, Baskar along with his colleagues Palani, Kesavan and others duped people who wanted to join MTC as bus drivers, conductors and mechanics out of huge sums of money. A case was registered based on a complaint filed by Devasagayam’s son that they had cheated him of Rs 2,60,000 for the job of a bus conductor. According to a complaint lodged by another victim of the scam in 2016, Rs 2.31 crore was allegedly transferred to the then transport minister Senthil Balaji in the presence of the minister’s brother Ashokumar and brother-in-law Karthik.

In March 2021, when Senthil Balaji was a DMK MLA, the Central Crime Branch (CCB) filed a charge sheet in the job scam case. In the charge sheet, the names of 46 people including his assistants, former managing directors of the transport corporation, and junior engineers were mentioned.

The case of Senthil Balaji, who was named as A1 in the chargesheet filed before the DMK came to power, has completely slowed down now. Not only that, the death of an employee involved in the job scam involving Minister Senthil Balaji’s transport department went unnoticed. The circumstances leading to his death were neither investigated nor discussed. Like Baskar’s death, there is a doubt that the case involving Senthil Balaji will also disappear.


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Charge sheet – Cr.No.441 of 2015

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