UP records 27% of all crimes against SCs. 30% crimes against STs from MP.

Since 2014, number of crimes against SCs have gone up by 43% and STs by 48%

On 3rd December 2023, National Crime Records Bureau released its annual report “Crime in India” for the year 2022. The report was released with at least 2 months of delay compared to 2021’s report. It was released on the day of the election results of 5 state assembly elections.

Scheduled Castes

Last year, we had reported that Uttar Pradesh (UP) recorded the highest number of crimes/atrocities committed against Scheduled Castes (SC). This year is no different either. With 15,368 cases, Uttar Pradesh accounts for 27% of total crimes/atrocities against Scheduled Castes in the country which stands at 57,582. So, this prompted us to wonder how the situation has been since 2014. It turns out Uttar Pradesh has been at the top for all these years and there has not been any change thus far.

Rajasthan comes second with 8,752 cases followed by Madhya Pradesh with 7,733 cases. Even in states like Tamil Nadu which registers significantly lesser crimes against SCs than Uttar Pradesh, the number has gone up from 1494 in 2014 to 1761 in 2022 which is an 18% increase.Here’s a chart showing the crime figures top 6 most populous states in the country barring West Bengal.


Here’s the chart showing the figures for the whole of India from 2014 to 2022.


West Bengal:

Despite being one of the most populous states in India, West Bengal is an anomaly in this list. With over 2 Cr+ population of Scheduled Castes in West Bengal, the number of crimes committed against them has remained just under 150 for the past 9 years. This raises concern regarding the situation in the state and puts a precarious thought of situation on the ground that is not even conducive for the victims to report crimes committed against them. The ‘Invisible Casteism’ in West Bengal needs a closer look and special attention should be given to the state by the welfare groups working for the marginalised communities.


Scheduled Tribes

Madhya Pradesh also tops the list in most crimes committed against Scheduled Tribes (ST) and in fact 30% of all crimes/atrocities committed against STs are from MP which has been ruled by BJP for almost the entirety of the last two decades. Since 2014, the number has almost doubled Madhya Pradesh. Similar to crimes against SCs, Rajasthan registers second most crimes against STs as well with 2,521 cases. Odisha registers 773 cases in that regard which makes it the third highest.


Here’s the chart showing the figures for the whole of India from 2014 to 2022.

The data points out that social lives of SCs and STs have not seen any improvement in our caste-ridden country. In fact, there has been an increase of 43% crimes/atrocities against Scheduled Castes and 48% against Scheduled Tribes since 2014. Although non-BJP ruled states too see an increase in such crimes contributing to these numbers; Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, both BJP’s strongholds and infamously, have been registering most cases against these communities for several years now. Electing a candidate from SC or ST community for top posts without actually providing social security or ensuring societal respect and equality should only be seen as tokenism.




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Ramasamy Jayaprakash

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