This article is from May 13, 2021

Did CSIR’s study concludes corona does not affect O+ blood type and vegetarians much?

While the Covid -19 epidemic is making a huge impact in India, “AB and B blood types are the most affected by corona. People with type O blood are less likely to be affected by corona, vegetarians are least possible to get corona,” the CSIR research report said.

According to a report by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), “Data has been analyzed by a team of 140 physicians across a sample size of more than 10,000 people across the country. The study found that the highest number of infections were from the AB blood group, followed by the B blood group. At the same time, the O group population is very small

In this regard, while going to the official website of CSIR and searching for the report, we able to see an announcement issued on April 24. “Clarification for article” CSIR Study Reveals Smokers and Vegetarians are Less Vulnerable to Covid-19 Infection “(Dated 24th April 2021)”.

CSIR did not release any press release entitled “CSIR study finds that smokers and vegetarians are less than half affected by Covid-19 infection.”

In such studies, correlations with any parameter should not be considered a factor until proven experimentally. Therefore, on the basis of these studies covid vegetarian diet and smoking can not take any decision as to protect from corona to mentioned by CSIR, “the statement line Revert there.

Earlier in the day, we published an article explaining the doctor’s explanation with surveys conducted abroad during the misinformation that corona does not affect people with “O” type blood.
The survey, conducted on 10,000 people nationwide, found that vegetarians, people with type O type blood and smokers were less likely to be exposed to corona. It is not scientifically proven. CSIR has stated on its website that it has not come to any conclusion on keeping it.
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