This article is from Sep 30, 2021

Guest Lecturer dies due to non-payment of salary for the last 5 months !

Coronavirus which started spreading in India a year back turned the situation of poor people to corporate companies upside down. Teachers are struggling a lot with non-payment of salary as the schools and colleges are not functioning.

The death of a government college Guest Lecturer recently brought out the struggles and depression that they are facing in this Covid situation.

Muruganandham, 49 years old, unmarried, from Ariyalur, was working as Guest Lecturer in History Department, Villupuram Government Arts and Science College. He was in depression due to non-payment of salary for the last 5 months. In this situation, he fell ill and died recently.

When we reached a Guest Lecture Mr Iyappan, “Guest lecturers in the government colleges and universities are hired based on the eligibility criteria of UGC. But the salary of Rs.50,000 fixed by UGC is not provided by any of the universities. A maximum of Rs.20,000 is provided to guest lectures in Tamil Nadu who is equal to the role of PhD completed Assistant Professors in government colleges.

Many of the colleges have not paid salaries for the last 6 months, and the staff are protesting for it. But it has not gained the notice of the public. It does not have a permanent solution and now ends up in the death of a person.

What the guest lecturers receive as salary is not for the entire year, to say, in a university here, salary will be provided only for 10 months and vacation months will not be considered for the payment of salary.

The salary provided by the private colleges is based on the salary provided by the government colleges. If a university here is providing Rs.15,000 for a PhD holder, then the private colleges around the region would fix Rs.8,000 for the similarly qualified person. The worst situation for PhD holders to work for 8000 rupees has been created.

Dr Muruganandham who was working as a guest lecturer for more than 15 years was not married. Though he does out of illness, the reason behind his illness is non-payment of salary and depression. This is the problem of everybody who works in Tamil Nadu government colleges. But none talks about it”, said.

After the death of Dr Muruganandham, the Guest Lecturers Association of Tamil Nadu Government Colleges has requested CM Stalin to bring a solution for this.

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In this situation, PMK Party Ramadoss has appreciated the government’s move of settling the pending payment of 5 months salary to the guest lecturers.

In the report released by PMK Founder Ramadoss, “The TN government has released an order to settle the pending 5 months salary to the guest lecturers across the Arts and Science colleges in Tamil Nadu. This move of supporting guest lecturers financially is appreciable!

Yesterday I insisted about the struggles of guest lecturers due to nonpayment of salary and about the death of Muruganandham. The action was taken in the next 6 hours.

Though the pending dues are settled, we cannot compensate for the loss that Muruganandham’s family is facing. CM M.K.Stalin should consider this and provide compensation for the family that is already suffering from poverty.

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