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Tamil Nadu ranks first in water bodies occupation: Ministry of Jal Shakti!

In India out of the 9.45 lakh water bodies identified in 22 states and union territories, 18,691 water bodies have been occupied. Of these, the maximum occupation is reported in Tamil Nadu, according to the Union Ministry of Water Resources.

Congress MP Samshar Singh had questioned the state-wise data on the number of water bodies across the country, how many water bodies have been depleted in the recent survey, the number of cases registered in connection with water bodies occupation over the last 3 years and the number of water bodies recovered.

On March 14, Union Water Resources Minister Bisweshwar Dudu told the Rajya Sabha that there were 9.45 lakh identified water bodies in 22 states and union territories. Of those, 18,691 watersheds have been occupied. ”

In Tamilnadu out of the 1,06,957 water bodies water bodies are occupied. Next to Tamil Nadu, 3,920 water bodies are said to be occupied in Andhra Pradesh and 3,032 in Telangana.

The highest water bodies in the country are 1,90,777 in Andhra Pradesh, 1,72,492 in Assam, 1,07,598 in Jharkhand, 1,06,957 in Tamil Nadu, 88,017 in Himachal Pradesh and 64,056 in Telangana.

By September 2021, the Chennai High Court said, “Occupancies in all water bodies in Tamil Nadu should be removed. In Chennai alone, 950 water bodies are missing and have been occupied and

turned into buildings. Therefore, the government of Tamil Nadu should remove the encroachments on water bodies and forests.

We have been hearing frequent court orders regarding encroachments on water bodies in Tamil Nadu. Though we are aware of the reports on water bodies encroachments in recent years, the high level of water bodies encroachments reported in Tamil Nadu is really shocking.

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