WEF report: India tops the menace of fake news!

Which major risks do you think we might encounter over the next two years? A thorough data analysis can be read here.

On January 10, the World Economic Forum published a report titled “Report on Global Risks 2024” to elucidate the most significant risks that the world may encounter in the next two years and the next ten years, based on growing technological changes, economic uncertainty, global warming, and wars between countries.

The report examines 34 global risks such as disinformation, extreme weather events, societal polarization, cyber insecurity, Interstate armed conflict, lack of economic opportunity, inflation, unemployment, debt, and labor shortages.

In this case, the risk that will do the most harm shortly (less than two years) is “Spreading false information.” In a similar vein, the greatest risk that will have an increased impact over the next ten years (long term) is “extreme weather events.” This suggests that the dissemination of false information on social media will increase significantly soon.

In the last 2023 report, the spread of misinformation, which was ranked 15th on the list of risks, has moved to first place in the current report, confirming that misinformation is spreading around the world at an unprecedented speed.

India is the top country for spreading misinformation:

According to a very startling World Economic Forum report, India tops the list of nations most at risk from the global dissemination of false information.

According to the report, this could seriously disrupt electoral processes in many economies over the next two years. Especially in the next two years, about three billion people are expected to vote in the elections in many countries including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Hence it can trigger civil unrest and terrorism. And as authorities begin to try to control the risks posed by the proliferation of misinformation, the report says, there will be an increase in repression and disenfranchisement.

The top five risks in India have also been identified in the report. The first is the spread of misinformation, the second is the risk posed by infectious diseases, followed by illicit economic activity, income inequality, and labor shortages.

AI technology on the list of risks:

AI technology is unavoidably included in the global list of the greatest risks. According to the report, advanced Al technology has the potential to drastically alter economies and societies in the years to come. AI may even have an impact on other technologies, such as synthetic biology and quantum computing.


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