This article is from May 05, 2021

The rumour that BJP women gang-raped! It is not true: Police’s explanation!

The BJP has levelled various allegations against the ruling government over the violence in West Bengal after the Trinamool Congress declared victory in the recent elections. Many supporters have been urging social media to implement the president rule in the state.

“There have been 14 political assassinations since the election, and all parties claim their party members have been harmed. The BJP has claimed that 9 members of their party have been killed. The ruling Trinamool Congress has claimed the lives of three members and the CPM and the Indian Secular Front have lost their party members, ”The Print reported.

Photos and videos of the BJP office and property being looted by thugs belonging to the Trinamool Congress party went viral on social media. In addition, two BJP women were allegedly gang-raped and murdered by BJP supporters on social media.

In this case, the official Twitter page of the West Bengal Police posted, “Two BJP election female agents in the Birbhum area have been gang-raped and several women have been sexually harassed. The shared screenshot is fake.”

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“We immediately launched an investigation to find out if the incident had gone viral on social media. We spoke to BJP candidate Tarakeswar Saha of Namur and many others in the area to find out if any incident had taken place. Eventually, we learned that this was fake news. This was done with the intention of spreading violence and unrest in the area, ”said Nagendra Nath Tripathi, a police officer in Birbhum, according to The Telegraph India.

No incidents of sexual violence or gang rape have been reported anywhere in the district. It is learned that the creators and spreaders of this news have to be identified and a case has to be registered, ”said District SP.

BJP national leader JP Natta had announced to hold a nationwide dharna on May 5 against the violence in West Bengal. Dharna was held today on behalf of the Tamil Nadu BJP.

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Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut shared a photo of a woman wearing a head covering on her Twitter page alleging that a BJP woman had been gang-raped by Trinamool Congress thugs. However, information about this photo is not available anywhere. It was not reported in the news.

Kangana continues to post anti-West Bengal riots and anti-Trinamool Congress posts on social media. Kangana’s Twitter page was deleted for violating the Twitter rule. This is the talk of India. However, she continues to post on Facebook.

Various videos and photos related to political assassinations and attacks in West Bengal are going viral without any authenticity. Do not share old videos, photos, or false news without knowing the truth of the news.

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