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Messages will be disappeared automatically after 7 days.. Will the new feature of WhatsApp help prevent fake messages?

WhatsApp is still the major social tool to reason for the circulation of the fake news. Fake news and misinformation continue to spread despite WhatsApp enforcing a number of restrictions, including restriction of the forwarded message more than 5 times.

In this case, the company’s WhatsApp has introduced a new option called “Disappearing Messages”. 7 days after a message is sent, the messages from both the sender and the recipient’s cell phone will be automatically deleted.

This setting option does not affect messages previously sent or received in chats. In private chats, users can turn on the option of missing messages. In group chats, only the admin can do that. WhatsApp says this will help protect the chats personally.

Did this prevent fake news?

WhatsApp seems to be less likely to stop the spread of fake news with such a new option. Because it is given as an option, only the required users can turn it on and off.

  • It is said that the message will not disappear from the chat if the option not enabled.
  • The screenshot can be taken before the forwarded message is disappeared.
  • The message can be stored separately somewhere else before it is deleted.

WhatsApp’s new option is said to be available by the end of November. Prior to this, WhatsApp introduced a new update that can “reverse image search” to identify fake messages and the message being forwarded.

It was announced last August that the first phase of the latest version of Android, iOS WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web will be launched in countries including Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the US. WhatsApp is forced to introduce new options and updates to prevent fake news.

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