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Explanations provided by WhatsApp after the privacy issue boomed!

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has been one of the most talked topics in recent times, from social media to TV debates.

News that WhatsApp has changed its new privacy policy a few days ago and that users can continue to use the App only if they accept it by February 16th has caused concern among users. While this is true, it has caused a stir among the public, with many subsequent reports exaggerating some of the issues that are not part of this privacy policy.

Following the suggestion by Tesla chairman Ellon Musk to the famous ethical hacker Elliott Alderson to use a signal app as an alternative to WhatsApp, people in many countries like India have started downloading the signal app.

But do not believe everything that is said in the news and spread on social media, WhatsApp has re-released its new privacy policy with a slight change. You can find them here.

Question 1: Does WhatsApp share chat information on Facebook where users talk to each other?

Answer: No.

Question 2: Does WhatsApp record and monitor my audio/video calls?

Answer: No.

Question 3: Does WhatsApp share my location on Facebook?

Answer: Only approximate location information will be shared.

Question 4: Does WhatsApp show ads?

Answer: Not now. But, when you share your number with some third party, they will communicate you to share some information through WhatsApp instead of SMS.

Question 5: Does WhatsApp keep the photos and media files I shared in my app on its server?

Answer: No. But, only if the recipient does not receive your message will it be encrypted for 30 days until it reaches him and then it will be automatically deleted.

Additional information:

WhatsApp automated backups save its user number, profile photo, abode information, group name, photo, number of friends in it, links they share with you, money transactions, your mobile model, signal and the e-mail address you give to third parties. After saving it can be given to the homepage and other third parties for some survey and other factors.

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