This article is from Feb 05, 2021

Viral video of a man blindfolded and brutally assaulted | what happened?

A 1.51-minute video of a young man being blindfolded and brutally assaulted for stealing money has gone viral on social media.

“If a young man’s eye is being blindfolded and his hands are tied to a tree, he cries out in pain to be beaten with a broom, but the attacker does not stop beating the young man. He screams for a long time, asking if he can take it or not. At one point, the scenes of him sitting on the unconscious and but still the attacker beat him at the footsteps again” this scene wen shocking in the social media.

Rahul (22), son of Gunasekaran of Poondi Mela theru, Papanasam taluka, Tanjore district, is working as a sand miner. On January 31, Lakshmanan found 30,000 rupees missing from his house.

Rahul has tried to commit suicide by drinking rat poison in disgrace after the degree of theft was imposed on him and the scene of beating himself spread on social websites. Immediately, nearby peoples rushed him to Tanjore Medical College Hospital. He is being treated there.
However, the victim said in an interview to the news, “they beat me by cursing my caste name for asking for money, left the street, put back in the car and went into the grove and blindfolded. They were beaten to the point of fainting and eventually tied up in the temple and left. We went to the Ammapettai police station and told them what had happened. Then I drank the rat poison because he could not bear the spread of his video to his friends.
Speaking on behalf of Youturn, Ammapettai Deputy Superintendent of Police G. Anand said, “The person (Rahul) involved in this case has been first questioned by his friends and relatives for allegedly stealing Rs. 30,000. He did not respond properly and refused to return the money. Then, they contacted a person belonging to the dominant caste and asked for his help saying that he would give them by intimidation. Our investigation revealed that he was the one who brutally assaulted Rahul.
At first, he had complained about 6 people. Since then, we have registered a case against a total of 7 people, including one more, on the basis of the investigation. We have registered a case of violence against him as the person who beat him belongs to the dominant caste. Some of them are his friends and relatives of Rahul, who belong to the same community. Apart from that, the Violence Act has been registered as he belongs to the dominant caste who was brought in to beat him. A total of 7 people have been arrested, 4 yesterday and 3 today. ”
In any case, it is very wrong to take the law into one’s own hands and to seize power is reprehensible unless one has to hand him over to the police and take action even if he is a money thief. There is a possibility of prosecution of such beaters. That too will be prosecuted under the Violence Act for racial.
Earlier, the death of a man who was injured in a mob attack by several members of a tribal community in Kerala for stealing food a few years ago came as a shock to India. It should be understood that legal action will be taken against those involved in such acts.
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