This article is from Oct 19, 2021

Zomato apologises as its employee tells a customer that he should know Hindi since it is the national language !

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Hindi imposition is strongly opposed in whatever way it may come. The constitutional law does not say India has one specific national language. Hindi is one of the official languages of India and not our national language, which many of the common people are unaware of. Zomato faces strong opposition on one such incident and the company has apologised for it.

Vikash from Tamil Nadu has placed an order from Zomato and has received the order where an item was missed. He has raised a complaint in the Zomato chatbox. When he was on phone with a customer support executive of Zomato to get a refund for the food not delivered, the executive informed him that language is being an issue to communicate for which Vikash replied that the executives should know the local language Tamil if the company is serving in Tamil Nadu.

Zomato executive replied that everyone should know the basics of Hindi at least, as it is India’s national language. Vikash tweeted their chatbox conversation on his Twitter page tagging Zomato.

His tweet went viral after which #Reject_Zomato started trending on Twitter. This created strong opposition against Zomato. Meanwhile, Zomato tweeted apologising for its customer’s behaviour and informed that the employee is terminated.

It is also mentioned in the tweet that the company has terminated the agent for his negligence towards our diverse culture and that the company will build a local Tamil call/support centre in Coimbatore.

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