This article is from May 10, 2021

Photos spreading that it was taken 100 years ago… What is the truth?


People have lived in a similar situation for 101 years ago.

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Last year the corona epidemic began to spread around the world and continues to be one of the most devastating to date. In this case, the post containing some photos of people wearing different masks as if they had lived in a similar situation 101 years ago is going viral on social networking sites.

Attached are some unrelated photos related to the Spanish flu epidemic that spread during 1918-20. Let’s see about that in detail.

Photo 1:

The cone-shaped plastic that covers the entire face was not used during the Spanish flu epidemic. Countryliving and flickr feature plastic shields used for women’s faces during the 1939 snowstorm in Montreal, Canada.

Photo 2: 

This photo was taken in 1953 in Philadelphia, USA. Surplus gas caps used by Merial Bush (left) Ruth Neuer in the photo. Apimages has published this photo titled “AIR POLLUTION 1953”.

Photo 3: 

A reverse image of a woman wearing a face mask in a modern dress was found in 1913 the photo, titled Ladies Fashion, was published on the photo sales site alamy.

Other photos: 

The rest of the photos have been published on some websites as being taken during the Spanish Flu.


In our search, we were able to find some photos unrelated to the Spanish flu epidemic in a photo gallery that was spread 100 years ago that people lived in a similar situation.

Photos unrelated to the Spanish flu are being used primarily in viral posts and videos.

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