It is 13 lakhs, not 13 crores. 2021 video is making rounds on the internet with distorted claims.


In K’natak Government PWD DEPARTMENT Engineer’s house raid in one pipe Rs13 crores recovered, 19 pipes are still pending to check this person close to present gvt minister money may be Delhi politician’s

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The viral video shows several men taking cash out of some pipe by cutting it down in the middle section. The men used a yellow bucket to collect the cash which they hauled using their hands from the pipe. This video is shared widely on social media with the claim, “Karnataka Government (PWD) Engineer’s house raid where in one pipe Rs13 crores recovered, 19 pipes are still pending”. Some users even say that this is taking place in Delhi and have circulated this same video with similar claims on Facebook which can be seen here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

When we started with a reverse image search process with the viral video keyframes, we eventually found this piece of article published on NEWS 18 where we are able see the same image matching and the money is pulled out from the same pipe which is collected in the yellow bucket as shown in the viral video. But, the incident is reported to have happened in November 2021, at PWD Junior Engineer Shanta Gowda Biradar’s house Kalaburgi, Karnataka.

The same video is also shared by Hindustan Times with the caption, “Cash worth Rs 13 lakh found in drainage pipe of civic engineer’s house in #Karnataka”. As per reports, a total of Rs 54 lakh in cash was found during the raid.

According to the reports, the raid was carried out by anti-corruption bureau (ACB) agents on a PWD junior engineer’s (JE) house in Kalaburgi, Karnataka.

A total of ₹54 lakh in cash was found during the raid, including ₹13 lakh from one of the drainage pipes at the house and some gold. This raid took place on 24 November 2021 and many news outlets have published the same news during that time, which can be seen in DNA and The New Indian Express.

So, this is an old video which found its way again to the domain with false claims.


Thus, this viral raid video is from 2021 November and was carried out by Anti-Corruption Bureau(ACB) at Kalaburgi, Karnataka in Junior Engineer Shanta Gowda Biradar’s residence. This old video is misleading as happened recently.

Moreover, the amount retrieved is 13 lakhs and not 13 crores. Also this is happened in Karnataka and not Delhi.

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