2 Army personnel who tried to molest women killed in Manipur?

There is no allegation of Molestation. Meira Paibis women were protesting the deployment of security forces in their village.



BIG BREAKING: 2 Indian Army soldiers were beaten to death in Manipur when they tried to molest a group of women who were working in the nearby fields. Funniest part is that the whole unit ran away from the incident site!

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The state of Manipur has been in turmoil since May 2023 and normalcy has not returned in the north-eastern state yet. News reports of violence and death are reported from the state have been a recurring theme in the past few months. There are criticisms against Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah that the duo has not acted adequately to address the issue. Now, a claim is made on social media that two personnel from the Indian Army were killed in Manipur by a group of women who ran away after the alleged murder.

What’s the truth?

When we did a keyword search, we were not able to find any credible news report or official statement from the Indian Army that two army personnel were killed in Manipur recently. When we broadened the keyword search, we were able to see several news reports on The Imphal Free Press, The Sangai Express (here) and E-Pao which reported that FIRs were filed against 12 women from the Meira Paibi, a women’s rights group based in Manipur run by the Meitei women, for protesting against the deployment of the Indian Army in their village. We also found another video of the incident from a different angle.

Here’s a comparison between the video in the claim and the video on YouTube that shows both were taken at the same time:

Due to the ongoing tensions in Manipur, the Indian Army is being deployed to avoid further escalation of tensions, but it has not been received well in various quarters of Manipur. Meira Paibi allegedly sieged the Indian Army and forced the release of 12 KYKL extremists who were under the custody of the Army back in June 2023.


Two Indian Army personnel were not killed by a mob of women in Manipur. There is no report on such killings, and there is no allegation of molestation.

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