The video of 2 girls drugged in an Egypt elevator is given a false communal angle and shared as Karnataka

The father drugged and kidnapped his two daughters in the elevator due to family dispute in Egypt


Karnataka, Bangalore – See how Jihadis are abducting Hindu girls from the lift by inhaling chloroform, rendering them unconscious in the lift, putting both the girls directly in the car parked in the car parking and leaving, the girls and women who are kidnapped sometimes We don’t even get to know, they disappear forever!!

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The uploaded one-minute and twenty-five-second clip features two girls in a lift. Two men burst into the lift and drugged them, covering their mouths with a cloth. The lift’s camera displays the faces of two men, and it also shows the girls attempting to escape the predicament. This post stated, “See how Jihadis are abducting Hindu girls from the lift by making them inhale chloroform, rendering them unconscious in the lift.” The users have also added that the video is from Bangalore, Karnataka. You can view another post with a similar claim here.

What’s the truth?

While analyzing the keyframes of the viral video with relevant keyword searches, we came across an X post by the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, clarifying the incident. The post reads, “Upon investigation, it was revealed that the father of the two girls sought the help of two people to commit the incident as shown in the video clip and that he left the country on the same date of the incident, accompanied by his daughter, via Cairo’s airport to one of the countries of her own free will and desire, as proven by security surveillance cameras.”

The post further added that “it was found that on 12/13/2023, the mother of the two girls (a resident of the Police Department) submitted a report to the department stating that her ex-husband (an accountant in one of the countries) and others accompanied him, took one of their two children without her desire… and requested proof of this without mentioning any other details.”

The family disputes between the father and mother led to this scary incident. Also, the post says, “It was possible to arrest the two people; one of them is shown in the video clip with the father of the two girls – and the other is the driver of the car that was used to commit the incident. During the discussion with them, they admitted to committing the incident as referred to in agreement with the father of the two girls in exchange for a sum of money. Legal measures were taken, and the public prosecution took over the investigation.”

Also, when we intensified our search, we got an article published by a Jordan-based news outlet namely Roya News. The viral video incident was covered in the report, which stated, “A video has gone viral in which two individuals kidnapped two girls in an elevator in Cairo, Egypt, sparking widespread reactions on social media. The assailants drugged the girls, but in a shocking turn of events, investigations revealed that the girls’ father was behind the incident, as reported by the Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, citing an Egyptian security official.”

The report further added that “family disputes were behind the father’s kidnapping attempt. The father subsequently left for “an Arab country” with one of the girls, while the other remained with her mother.”

This same viral incident was also covered by another news report, which can be read here.

All the above information clarifies that the two girls were kidnapped by their father due to some family issues, and there is no communal angle to this incident.


To sum up, the viral claim stating the two girls were kidnapped in an elevator in Bangalore is completely false and untrue. This incident happened in Cairo, Egypt. And there is no communal angle found in the incident.

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Indu Meenakshi

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