2013 image from a Sikh separatist protest done in the UK is falsely linked to the current farmer’s protest!


Dear HMO India sedition charges against the people disgracing our tricolor, if you can’t should we Indians take the step we require just 5 minutes

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Punjab’s “Delhi Chalo” march, which gathers thousands of farmers, will take place once more with the demand that the MSP be expanded to include all crops. The protesting farmers, who are currently encamped at the Punjab-Haryana border at Shambhu, declared on Tuesday that they would pick up their agitation again after the fourth round of talks with the central government failed.

Many falsehoods regarding the current farmer protest have been verified, but a great deal of irrelevant material is still being spread. An elderly man with an orange turban is seen in the viral photo above attempting to keep his shoe on the Indian tricolor flag. Numerous other individuals are also seen surrounding him and stamping the Indian flag with their shoes. In the crowd, some people are carrying signboards. This post is shared with a claim stating, “sedition charges should be taken against the people who disgrace the Indian flag.” The viral image also has an infographic written over it which reads “Insulting our national flag is a farmer’s movement, I spit on such farmer’s movement, we are ashamed of such farmer’s movement.” Come, let’s check if this viral claim is true.

What’s the truth?

Using reverse image search, we were able to find that this specific image has been making the rounds on the internet for several years now. You can view the same image here, here, and here. Upon closer inspection, we could make out the date and time on the picture as well as the “Dal Khalsa” logo. We were taken aback by the stated date, “15/8/2013,” and time, 13:31.

However, we took that as a cue and searched the internet with relevant keywords, which led us to Blogspot namely, Dal Khalsa UK.” The site carried the viral image along with many other images from the protest.

According to the site, the above image was taken from the “Indian Independence Day Protest against Indian High Commission in London on 15th August 2013.” The report says that “Sikhs, Kashmiris & other minority groups gathered on the 15th of August 2013 in Central London to protest against Indian Oppression & Occupation. Since 1947 the Sikh Nation has been under Indian Occupation with numerous attempts to destroy the Sikh Homeland in Panjab & the Sikh Nation climaxing in a Genocide in 1984. Since then no stone has been left unturned to crush the Sikh Nation be it socially, economically, politically, religiously & even environmentally.”

As we continued our investigation, we discovered that the old man in the picture is Manmohan Singh Khalsa, one of the founders of the Dal Khalsa, UK.
According to an article, “Since the for­ma­tion of Dal Khalsa in 1978, Man­mo­han Singh Khalsa un­flinch­ingly con­tin­ued as a de­ter­mined and de­voted leader of the or­gan­i­sa­tion. Many were way­laid and many qui­etly dis­ap­peared from the scene but Man­mo­han Singh Khalsa was stead­fast and forth­right and re­mained so till the last. Man­mo­han Singh Khalsa passed away in the wee hours of the morn­ing in Lon­don on November 2017 due to prolonged illness.”

When we advanced our search we found the same viral image carried on by another news outlet namely, newssanjal.wordpress.com You can view the image here.

All of this information demonstrates that the widely shared photo of an old man mocking the Indian flag originated from a protest that took place in the UK on August 15, 2013.


Consequently, we conclude that the widely circulated picture of an old man insulting our flag during a farmer’s movement is wholly untrue and fabricated.

It’s actually an old photo from the 2013 Sikh separatist outfit protest in London. Furthermore, this picture is unrelated to the current farmer’s protest.

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