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Lie in the BJP’s campaign advertisement… What is the price of lentils in 2014?


The average price of the lentils in 2014 of yellow split peas was Rs. 210, bengal-gram was Rs. 125, green gram whole was Rs. 180, black-gram was Rs. 178 and sugar was Rs. 48 and in 2021 the price of yellow split peas was Rs. 94, bengal-gram was Rs. 64, green gram whole was Rs. 110, black-gram was Rs. 115 and sugar was Rs. 35

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Social media users are comparing the prices of pulses in 2014-2021 in an advertisement given on the Coimbatore District Campaign for welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Coimbatore.

Many people are making fun of this and sharing it on social media. The reason for this is that the price of pulses mentioned as Rs. 200 during the Congress rule.

Fact Check:

Comparing the Congress alliance government and the BJP government many posts have been spreading misinformation about the price of pulses for the past few years as a comparison of prices of essential commodities.

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In April 2014, the price of lentils in Tamil Nadu alone the Green gram Whole price raised to Rs 100-102. Yellow split peas were priced at Rs 75 (first type), Black-gram at Rs 76 and sugar at Rs 37. In 2021, Green gram Whole will be priced at Rs 108, Yellow split peas at Rs 106, Black-gram at Rs 116 and sugar at Rs 38.

In October 2015, the price of pulses rose to Rs 180. Similarly, prices of other pulses also increased. However, they are spreading rumours that the price of pulses has crossed Rs 200 during the Congress regime and that there has been no rise in prices under the BJP regime.

The prices of essential commodities depend on the rate of inflation in the respective years. Despite the increase in the price of pulses in 2013-2014, the BJP has not been able to sell at the stated price. They are misrepresenting that the price of the information being spread is higher than it was then.

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In our search, we can see that the information given by the BJP in the newspaper advertisement for lentils and sugar prices since the Congress regime in 2014 is incorrect.


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