2018 incident shared as recent one linking to Odisha train accident.


He Saved the Major Tragedy for Train. The Real Hero named Krishna Poojari. इंडियन एक्सप्रेस Rahul Gandhi #Odisha #CoromandelExpress #TrainAccident

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The triple train accident in Odisha’s Balasore killed nearly 300 people and left thousands injured. The incident saddened the nation as it is the most horrific train crash in recent times. Multiple reasons are being given for the train accidents and the Indian Railway Board has recommended a CBI investigation. Another news of a few compartments of a goods train derailed in Odisha creates a stir. Multiple unverified information is being shared relating to train accidents.

An image of a person named Krishna Poojari is shared to claim that he saved the major train tragedy. The posts with his image are circulated with hashtags denoting the Odisha train accident. Some of the hashtags used along with the tweets are ‘Odisha’, ‘train accident’, and ‘Coromandel Express’. Some of the posts that relate Krishna Poojari to the recent triple-train accident in Odisha can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that an old incident is shared relating to Odisha triple train accident. Times of India article dated 28, October 2018 is found mentioning that a possible train accident was averted in Karnataka’s Udupi as the daily wage worker, Krishna Poojari ran 3 km despite his limb ailment to inform the railway officials about a crack seen on a track.

The Better India reported in 2018 that 53-year-old Krishna Poojari works at a roadside eatery in Udupi’s Korangrapady village. He started walking as a treatment to regain his leg strength as per the doctor’s advice when he was diagnosed with an ailment in his leg. And he spotted a crack on the railway track during his walk. A train then passed by making it worse for the next train to pass the track.

The News Minute reported the incident in 2018 mentioning that Krishna Poojari ran as fast as he could for 6 km to alert the railway authorities about the broken track before the next train from Goa could arrive. They advised the next trains to slow their speed and simultaneously they fixed the track. Multiple other news media also reported the same in 2018.

Youturn fact-checked and published an article on another claim related to the Odisha train accident where BJP supporters claimed the ISKCON temple near the accident site as a Mosque in the context that the Muslim community is behind the accident.

Read More: ISKCON temple near the Odisha train accident site shared as Mosque to create communal disharmony.


It is found that an incident of averting a possible train tragedy in 2018 by Krishna Poojari is shared linking it to the recent triple train accident in Odisha.

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