2019 footage of Hyderabad train collision shared as recent Odisha accident.


The footage of the #train_accident in India has come to the fore New Delhi: 280 people died in the train accident, more than 900 were injured, Indian media. #BalasoreTrainAccident #IndianRailways #TrainAccident

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Odisha’s Balasore triple train accident left around 300 killed and thousands of passengers injured. Footage of a train accident is shared with the claim that it is the footage of Odisha’s Balasore train accident. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and is from Hyderabad. A Youtube video by NDTV channel dated 12, November 2019 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video. It is mentioned that the train collision where the train lifted off tracks in Hyderabad was caught on camera.

The description part reads “Hours after two trains collided near Hyderabad’s Kacheguda Railway Station on Monday morning, footage from a CCTV camera in the vicinity gave a frame-by-frame account of the accident that reportedly occurred due to “manual error”.

While 12 people were injured, rescue teams had to cut through tonnes of wreckage to get to the loco pilot trapped in one of the trains. The loco pilot, identified as Shekar, spent nine hours inside the mangled train operator’s cabin before he was finally rescued”.

A tweet dated 11, November 2019 by Dinesh Akula is found carrying the same video. The caption says that the local train head-on collision was near Kacheguda railway station in Hyderabad.

Economic Times reported the incident in November 2019 with matching visuals from the viral video. The article reported that the incident involved Lingampalli-Falaknuma Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS) local train and another train. As per reports, the MMTS train rammed into Kongu Express which was waiting at the platform. The accident led to the derailment of seven coaches.

“Six coaches of the MMTS service and three coaches of the Hundry Express have been damaged. The 12 passengers were rushed to Osmania General Hospital, of whom two were discharged,” the SCR said in a press release.


It is found that footage of the 2019 train head-on collision in Hyderabad is shared as a recent Odisha train accident.

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