This article is from Dec 15, 2020

Did the US poll results say that DMK alliance will win in the 201 constituencies?


“DMK alliance will win 201 constituencies!” – The results of a poll conducted by the US company ‘Focus Groups’!

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The forthcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2021 have many expectations. Not only the alliance of the major parties AIADMK and DMK but also the smaller parties are newly participating in this election. Moreover, as both Rajini and Kamal’s parties are set to contest the elections, there is a split in the vote and it is impossible to predict who will win with a majority.

With elections just a few months away, polls conducted by many organisations are a routine thing. In this time some social media users claiming that “according to a poll conducted by Focus Group in the United States, the DMK alliance will win 201 constituencies and form a government with a majority.”

From the name ” Focus Group of Cleveland   ” it was able to find out from the details of the organization that they were conducting the election polls. However, the company did not release any such opinion poll regarding the Tamil Nadu election.


They have captured the Focus Group of Cleveland’s logo from their website and created a meme as that they had conducted a poll. Party supporters are also spreading rumours that the DMK alliance will win 201 seats in the 2021 elections under the name of an American company.

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