Another footage from 2021 farmer protest falsely linked with ongoing farmer protest


Farmers should be given their right! #FarmerProtest2024 #RajputsAgainstBJP

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Farmers who are holding the protests at two locations along the Punjab-Haryana border to push the Centre for their demands have made the decision to hold their agitation there till February 29. At that point, a decision will be made regarding the next course of action.

The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (Non-Political) and Kisan Mazdoor Morcha (KMM), who are leading the current protest at the borders of Shambhu and Khanauri, came up with this decision on February 23, 2024 evening.

Meanwhile, a 30-seconds viral video is purportedly on X(formerly twitter) that only protests of farmers should get their rights . In this viral video we can see a huge crowd of people with tractors and flags fighting with sticks and from that few are jumping and going down from the main road to the down side way. We also can see people climbing from the road barriers and jumping. This video is claimed to be from the ongoing farmers protest.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search image using the keyframes of the viral video and we found that the full news coverage video was posted on New18 Punjab/Haryana/ Himachal on 27 January 2021 and description states “Farmers protest Video of attack on Delhi Police surfaced, police were targeted at many places”

On the timestamp 00:30 we found exactly similar footage and that anchor was narrating about the incident that around 200 protesters were arrested and interrogated by Delhi police and at many other places attacks happened on Delhi police, around 300 police personnel has been attacked by mob. Mob mainly targeted the police officers and injured them. According to the relevant acts Delhi police have registered the case on the mob such as attempt to murder, robbery and dacoity.

According to news coverage we find out that the actual viral video is from the previous farmer protest which was held in January 2021 but not from the ongoing farmer protest.

Another video from the same incident is being falsely linked to the ongoing farmers protest. Youturn covered it and can be read from the below link.

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The farmers and Delhi police conflict viral video from previous farmer protest has been falsely linked with ongoing farmer protest.

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