2021 video of Farmer’s protest in Delhi against the Police is shared as recent!


So-called farmers carrying swords and carrying out deadly attacks on the police think how much the police are tolerating! #FarmersProtest

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The ‘Delhi Chalo’ farmers’ march was put a hold on Friday and was extended until February 29. The leader of the protesting farmers, Sarwan Singh Pandher, provided information about what the farmers will be doing over the next few days: on February 24, there will be a candle march; on February 25, there will be seminars on topics about farmers; on February 26, effigies of the World Trade Organisation and the Centre will be burned; and over the next two days, there will be multiple meetings of SKM (Non-Political) and KMM.

In the meantime, a tonne of pictures and videos have been posted online, connecting it to the ongoing farmer’s protest. This 30-second video shows a squad of police officers strolling down the street. Abruptly, we observe a man appear in front of them, holding a massive sword. With the sword in hand, he begins to run behind the police. This post is shared with a claim stating, “So-called farmers carrying swords and carrying out deadly attacks on the police.” This post is shared with hashtags like farmer’s protest, Farmer’s protest 2024, and many more. You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

When we started analyzing the keyframes of the viral video it led us to a YouTube video showing the same visuals but from 2021. According to News 18 Punjab/Haryana/Himachal, the video is about the Police attack in Delhi. The title of the video, which was posted on January 27, 2021, read, “Another video of Delhi violence surfaced, more than 300 policemen injured in the attack.”

Based on news stories, Nihang Sikhs took part in a tractor rally on Republic Day in 2021 organized by farmers in opposition to the government’s three agricultural laws. As the rally approached Red Fort, it ran into skirmishes with the police, which left both sides wounded and injured. Tradition dictates that Nihang Sikhs are allowed to carry weapons such as swords. Nihangs believe that, in turbulent or trying times it is their responsibility to stand up for the people and their faith.

All of this data indicates and affirms the viral video is old and from 2021 shared with false narratives.


To sum up, the footage is old and existed before the current farmers’ protests, even though the precise location of the viral video is still unknown.

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