This article is from Aug 05, 2021

Did HDFC refuse to recruit 2021 passed out graduates ?


Companies are refusing to recruit 2021 passed out graduates. The crucial years are here. Students should understand and prepare themselves accordingly.



Schools and colleges are still closed since 2020 due to the Covid pandemic situation. Students passing out during this period are getting trolled as Corona batch. Questions have also been raised regarding the job opportunities for them.

In this scenario, a job opportunity advertisement by HDFC bank, Madurai branch created a controversial discussion on social media since the advertisement said ‘2021 passed out candidates are not eligible’. This is being circulated widely on social media.

A Twitter user ‘Gayathri Srikanth’ have shared a post on 2nd August tagging HDFC. ‘HDFC Bank Care’ has replied to the post as, “This is a typo and we regret the error. Graduates can apply irrespective of the year of passing as long as they meet the age criteria. We have already issued the correct advertisement shared here”.

The bank manager, “This is a typo. The word ‘not’ was misplaced instead of ‘also’ in the first advertisement. The corrected version of the advertisement saying ‘2021 passed out candidates are also eligible’ was shared on Tuesday”, said ‘Times of India’.


We found that the HDFC advertisement mentioning ‘2021 passed out candidates are not eligible’ is true and is not a photoshopped one. However, the bank has clarified that it is a typo. The manager has said that the error was corrected and the updated version saying that 2021 passed out candidates are also eligible was shared later.

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