This article is from Oct 13, 2021

Is she the 210-years-old world’s oldest woman from Pakistan ?


An old woman is celebrating her 210th birthday. Let’s wish her who created pride for the entire female community.

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A photo of an old woman claiming that people around her in Pakistan celebrated her 210th birthday is viral on social media for the last few days.

What is the Truth?

When searched for the viral 210-years-old woman, a Youtube video dated September 2021 of her is found. The video is titled that she is 300-years-old.


Though the old woman’s skin looks wrinkled due to her age, it is not believable to claim that she is 200 or 300 years old. Moreover, the claim is viral on social media but no news on her is found on any of the news channels.

The oldest living person in the world is said to be Kane Tanaka, 118-years-old from Japan and she holds Guinness World Records.



The picture that claimed an old woman as 210-years-old world’s oldest woman from Pakistan is not true. World’s oldest woman is 118-years-old Kane Tanaka from Japan who holds Guinness World Records. The viral claim’s authenticity is questionable and we couldn’t find the whereabouts of the old woman in the viral claim.

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