More than 28,000 year old Kalpa Vigraha of Shiva idol is not true


Shiva Idol which is 28000 + years old found via carbon dating

Santan Dharma and its gods and older than anything else


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An image of an idol is shared on social media platforms praising Santana dharma with the claim that it is a 28000 plus years old shiva idol. This image is doing rounds on the internet for a few years. It is circulated on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Most of the posts have quoted a tweet in the name of ‘K.K.Mohammed’, an Indian Archaeologist.

Some posts claim that the oldest Kalpa Vigraha idol of Lord Shiva belongs to 26450 BC. These posts also quote that radiocarbon dating conducted by the University of California Radiation Laboratory on the heavy 9-inch thick timber sides and lid of the chest in which it was discovered arrived at readings that indicated a period around 26,450 BC making it 28,450 years old and 23,300 years older than the legendary Hindu Kurukshetra war described in Mahabharata. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here, and here.

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What is the truth?

Karingamannu Kuzhiyil Muhammed from Kerala was the Regional Director (North) of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). His interviews and research were reported by multiple news media outlets earlier.

However, no news or social media posts by him or the government or his research about Kalpa Vigraha are found. Moreover, the tweet in the name of ‘K.K.Mohammed’ also doesn’t exist.

When searching his social media handles, we came across one of his Facebook posts dated 11, July 2020 mentioning that a parody account on Twitter @K_K_Muhammed has been writing false, unscientific, and malicious contents. He also mentioned that he does not use Twitter for sharing his views.

Similar false claims that 12,000-year-old statues found in Jammu and Kashmir and Chennai were circulated earlier.

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It is found that the claim of more than 28,000-year-old Kalpa Vigraha of Shiva idol is fake. It is also apparent that the screenshot of the tweet that is being circulated in the name of K.K. Mohammed is also fake.

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