The 65-year-old Hindu temple in Dubai is not closed but relocated!


65 years old Hindu Temple closed in Dubai.

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People can be heard discussing how the temple is closing and that today is the last day to visit in the extensively shared one-minute and fifteen-second video. We also hear a lot of people talking about the different feelings they have for the location. This post was shared with the claim stating the “65-year-old Hindu temple closed in Dubai.” One can view another post with a similar claim here.

What’s the truth?

After closely examining the entire video, we discovered that the temple is not entirely closed but rather being relocated. According to the video, the temple will relocate to Jebel Ali, a new avenue, from its current location in Bur Dubai.

Additionally, we observed that some commenters claimed the temple had closed and moved to a new location. Even the misleading nature of the headline was brought up by a few users.

We also found an X post stating that “emotions ran high as devotees arrived at the 65-year-old Hindu temple in Bur Dubai to pray “one last time” before it closed on Wednesday. They can now visit the new Hindu temple in Jebel Ali, which opened in October.”

When we advanced our search with relevant keywords, we came across an article published by The Siasat Daily titled “Decades-old Hindu temple in Dubai shifted to a new location.”

According to the article, “A 65-year-old Shiva temple in Bur Dubai has closed its door to worshippers to relocate its services to a new Hindu temple in Jebel Ali, starting from Wednesday, January 3. The relocation is due to space congestion and not being able to accommodate more worshippers.”

Also, the article adds, “On December 7, the temple management posted notices at the temple premises stating, “This is to inform all our devotees with effect from Wednesday, January 03, 2024. This temple will be shifted to our new Hindu temple, Jebel Ali.”

All the above information makes it clear that the headline is misleading. The 65-year-old Hindu temple is not completely closed; rather, it’s been shifted to a new place.


To sum up, it is false to say that the 65-year-old Hindu temple in Dubai is closed, as per the widely circulated report. The truth is that the temple has been moved to a new location known as Jebel Ali.

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Indu Meenakshi

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