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Was the globe sculpted in 8th century Varaha sculpture?


An 8th century Indian sculptor has carved an ancient Indian sculpture depicting the world round on his nose in this Varaha sculpture. Galileo, who is said to have discovered that the world is round, was born in 1564. This is the scientific wisdom of the British. But .. the ignorant Dravidian group praise Annathurai and Periyar by insulting India and its developed division. Photo Courtesy – Lost Temple


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The photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that the 8th century Durga Vishnu temple at Aihole in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka was designed as if it had a globe on it and that Galileo, who claimed the world was round, but here we had designed the sculpture centuries ago.

The photo has been shared on Facebook for the past year. Followers were asked us to comment on the authenticity of the post about this sculpture. Following this, we explored information about the sculpture.

Fact Check:

While searching for a photo of the sculpture in Reverse Image, Wikicommons posted a photo titled “Varaha Bhumadevi, the incarnation of Vishnu in the 8th century Durga Temple in Aihole”.

Upon further searching for the photograph, I came across a clear photograph of the Varaha sculpture. In it, above the nose of the Varaha incarnation is not the globe, but the cone in hand.

Vishnu has a conch in one hand and a chakra in the other. There are a total of 4 hands in the above Waraka sculpture. Two of the hands are damaged. There is a wheel in one hand and a conch in the hand holding the Bhumadevi. It is known as having a globe on the nose if it goes backwards.

In the Puranas the world is referred to as Bhumadevi. The sculpture depicts the incarnation of Varaha carrying the earth in her hand as if to symbolize the lifting of the earth. A photograph of the Durga Vishnu Temple taken in 1855 shows the ruins of the temple.



In our search, it is incorrect to say that there is a world orb in the Varaha sculpture carved in the Durga Vishnu temple in Karnataka in the 8th century. What looks like a globe on the nose of a Varaha sculpture can be identified as a cone in hand.



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