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Did Australian schools Islamize the children?


Australia: Parents go furious as a video of children in Australia being taught how to pray in a mosque goes viral.

Furious parents accuse the school of brainwashing and Islamizing their children in the name of pleasing a migrant community.

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A 1:08 minute video purportedly showing a kid learning to perform Islamic prayer is shared with the claim that a school in Australia is teaching their non-Muslim students how to pray in a Mosque. It further mentions that parents of the children go furious and accuse the school of brainwashing and islamizing their children in the name of pleasing a migrant community. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the full video we noticed ‘SBS’ at the end with its logo. When searching for SBS on google we found that it is ‘Special Broadcasting Services’ in Australia. When checking the social media pages of SBS, the same video clip is found on its Instagram page.

The Instagram page ‘SBS Australia’ posted the clip a week back and mentioned in the caption that the students get a deeper insight into cultural values as some of them attend prayer for the first time. It further mentions “The Swap | Premieres on Wednesday 8 March at 8.30pm SBS and @sbsondemand”.

When searching for ‘The Swap’ by SBS we found an article on its website. ‘The Swap’ is a three-part original documentary series that captures what happens when 12 students and families from different cultures, religions and backgrounds experience each other’s worlds.

The article also mentions that Ali Kadri, CEO of the Islamic College of Brisbane, is the architect behind this social experiment. Ali Kadri is also seen in the viral video clip. Six Muslim families, four Catholic families and two atheist families are taking part in the documentary series.

The website also published an image of the children from the series some of which can be seen in the viral video.


It is found that a video clip of a social experiment from a documentary series is falsely shared as students are being brainwashed and Islamized in a school in Australia.

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