A food sample prepared for an advertisement is mistakenly spread as plastic cabbage!


Plastic cabbage made by an old man

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A video showing the making of plastic cabbage is being circulated on social media. In the video, an old man prepares cabbage with white, yellow, and green liquids. This post is shared with a claim stating, “Plastic cabbage made by an old man.” You can view a similar claim here.


What’s the truth?

A web search with the keyframes of the viral video showcasing the making of the plastic cabbage revealed that it was a model food item placed in restaurants for advertising.

Similar to this, in 2016 another video of someone making plastic cabbage went viral on social media. We discovered a video on a YouTube channel based in Japan that was uploaded ten years ago.

The description read as “Gujo town in Gifu prefecture of Japan is the place where the technology of making these ultra-realistic food samples used to show menu in Japanese restaurants began. These samples are made out of plastic, wax, and other materials, and then painted. It is also possible to try making some simple samples by yourself.”

A video on the ‘Great Big Story’ YouTube page shows that the majority of the artificial dishes used as menu models in Japanese restaurants are produced in the city of Gujo. It displays the counterfeiting of a wide range of food products, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. In a similar vein a video from “Business Insider” demonstrates how this type of fake food has grown to be a $90 million industry in Japan.

On further research, another video of the old man in the currently viral video was found on a YouTube page called ‘Process X’. It mentions ’71-year-old craftsman who has been making fake food for 53 years’. He prepares and demonstrates many fake dishes. The old man in the viral video has the same name on his t-shirt as the name of the shop.

From this, it can be learned that the viral video shows the making of a food sample (fake food) that can be placed on the menu in restaurants in Japan.

Social media users use these videos to propagate myths about fake cabbages that are created for commercial purposes. It should be clarified that these are not used for cooking.


In our search, the information about the video circulating about the plastic cabbage in the market is not true. It turns out that these are fake dishes made to be used as samples in restaurants in Japan.

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Indu Meenakshi

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