A love marriage that broke another marriage arranged in SATA system is peddled as ‘love jihad’.


In the name of love marriage, the Hindu girl with her Muslim partner has made his parents plead with her.

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A video of a father pleading to his daughter and later touching her feet is shared on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook with the claim that a Hindu girl along with her Muslim partner has made her parents touch her feet. The post also mentioned that the parents are seen crying in the video now and also will cry later when the girl’s dead body is seen in a fridge or a suitcase, relating to the incident of the Shraddha murder case.

The posts in Hindi are captioned as “लवमैरिज के कागज के दम पर लड़की ने अपने मांबाप से जिहादी के जुड़वाये हाथपैर ….. गुजरात की घटना बताई जा रही है ! कल जब फ्रिज या सूटकेस में आएगी तब भी ये ही मां बाप रोएंगे !” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found a few news articles reporting the incident related to the viral video which clarified that the girl seen in the viral video is married to a person from the same community.

Zee News article dated 3, June 2023 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video mentioning that the video is from Gujarat’s Banaskantha district. A girl eloped with her boyfriend and got married. The couple was produced at the Deodar police station after the missing complaint from her father. The viral video is an incident that happened when the girl’s parents tried convincing her to leave her boyfriend.

The article further mentioned that the girl was engaged to one of her brother’s brother-in-law as per the custom. But the girl married her other brother’s brother-in-law going against her family and society.

Another article by ETV Bharat is found reporting the same incident. It is reported that Galababhai Barot from Raiya village of Deodar taluka supports his family by doing labour and has five sons and three daughters. He arranged marriage for one of his son Bhawanbhai and his daughter Vanita in the SATA system.

SATA system is a custom that involves simultaneous marriage of a brother-sister pair from two households. Vanita, the girl seen in the viral video was engaged to Bhawanbhai’s brother-in-law Kuldeep. Vanita eloped and got married to Manilal’s son, her other brother’s brother-in-law despite having a month’s time for her marriage fixed with Kuldeep.


It is found that the viral video is of a father pleading with her daughter who married her brother’s brother-in-law when she was already engaged to another brother’s brother-in-law in the SATA system. But this video is shared with a false communal spin claiming that the Hindu girl along with her Muslim boyfriend is bringing shame to her father.

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