Does the video show a man taking a dip in a vat of milk to make it halal in Kerala?


What do they do to make milk halal? They bathe in the milk and distribute it to Hindus.

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A 30-second viral video purportedly shows a Muslim man taking a bath in a big milk vat while using a mug and pouring the milk over his head. In the post, it is also claimed that it happened in Kerala, and that the man wants to make the milk Halal. This video is shared with with captions, “this is what they do to make milk halal, so they bathe in the milk and later distribute it to Hindus.” 


The same viral video shared by BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) supporters can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth? 

We ran a keyword search and found the screengrab from the same viral video posted in an NDTV article dated November 9, 2020. In the article, it is reported that a dairy farm was shut down in Turkey after an employee of this company taking a bath in the milk went viral. The employee later got arrested by police and the accused gave a statement that it was not milk but detergent water with which they washed the boilers. 

This video was initially shared on the TikTok platform. The viral video man, Turgut, was later terminated after the company learned about this viral incident. The company officials said that the video was taken and shared on social media platforms to defame the company name. 

Many credible media outlets such as India Today, The Indian Express, Times Now, India Times, and Business Today reported about this incident.


A man taking a bath at a dairy plant is actually from Turkey, not Kerala; and the accused stated that it is detergent water, not milk as claimed.

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