A muddy pothole exactly outside the Road Department is not from India; it’s Kathmandu, Nepal.


“Department of roads.” It happens only in India.

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A viral image is purporting on social media, and in the viral image, we can see a muddy road with potholes exactly outside the Department of Roads, and we can see a white government building with a huge board displaying the name ‘Department of Roads’. Many social media users are claiming that it is from India; a few are saying “look at the irony of the government”, and a few claim it happens only in India. In the viral image, we can also see a car with a red number plate.

Similar claims were shared by Indian social media users and can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the Truth?

We ran a reverse search, and we found an article from the Nepali website Bizness News that was published on March 4, 2024, and reported that the image was first shared by Deependra Chaulagai on his X handle, and later it went viral. The news website mentioned that the Department of Roads’ office had to be moved to Chakupat, Lalitpur, Nepal, following the severe earthquake in 2015. It was later moved to its previous location in Kathmandu’s Babar Mahal in 2023.

Another Nepali website, Ratopati, also reported about this news in an article titled ‘After the pothole in front of the office went viral, the road department said renovation work is going on’.

We also searched the location on Google Maps with keywords such as Road Department in Kathmandu, Nepal, and found a similar road department board with a similar logo as the Nepal Roads Department. We can also zoom in and see it mentioned on the board, ‘Government of Nepal’.

According to the above-mentioned proof, we find out that the viral image of the muddy roads exactly outside the Department of Roads is actually from Nepal, not India.


The widely shared image of Muddy potholes exactly outside the Department of Roads is not from India but, in reality, from Nepal.

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