A policeman beaten by a woman and a man in 2018 is falsely linked to recent Holi celebration.


Dhampur, UP- There was some brawl over application of colours of Holi. But how dare a woman beat a police official in Uniform? Some people think they are above the law as a result of 70 years of appeasement. Videographic footage must be used as evidence and such scoundrels put behind bars for life.

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Holi, the vibrant “festival of colors,” throws India into a joyous spring celebration. People drench each other in colored powder, symbolizing love, unity, and good triumphing over evil. Holi’s roots lie in Hindu mythology, marking victory over a demon king and the playful love of goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. Celebrated on the full moon in March.

Meanwhile, a 25-second viral video showing a woman in a blue salwar beating a policeman by chappal and abusing him along with and a man in a grey shirt is shared claiming that the incident is related to recent Holi celebration. The policeman is trying to stop, and the public also trying to stop the grey-shirt man, but he is out of control and keeps on slapping the policeman continuously. The grey-shirt man is holding the collar of the policeman who is in his uniform. The video has been shared to claim that in Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh, a dispute took place as a few people applying color on them on festival eve, Holi.

The same video was widely reposted on X by BJP supporters and can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

We ran a search and found the actual full story about the incident from SSP Vaibhav Krishan. The actual full incident statement byte was posted on Ghaziabad Police official X handle where the SSP was telling that the incident took place in Loni, Ghaziabad, and that the video was taken when bank employee called the police because the guy and bank employee had an argument and later the argument got heated. Following the bank employee’s call to the police, PRV and the police arrived. The SSP claims that “the locals there have started fighting with the PRV personnel,” where a woman can also be seen. “A case was registered and two were arrested in this case. The other individuals in the video will all be taken into custody shortly”, he said.

Additionally, we also ran a reverse image search and found that the same news reported by Aaj Tak on August 29, 2018: A policeman in Ghaziabad was severely beaten by a woman and some onlookers. There were punches, kicks, slaps, and slipper thrown at the police officers. There is no way that the mob’s behavior can be justified.

The blue salwar woman beats a police constable in Ghaziabad with slippers after he slaps her brother, and the policeman is helpless even though he has a government-given gun. However, this incident is neither recent nor related to Holi celebration.


A woman and young man had a fight with a policeman over bank-related work, and this happened in 2018. This video is falsely inked to recent Holi celebration.

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