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A scripted video of a young woman marrying an old man is mistaken to be real and shared virally.


What name should I give to this love???

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A video of an old man marrying an attractive young girl is being virally shared in social media. Several social media users have been sharing and commenting on the video. Some of these posts can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

In our search, we found that the original video was uploaded on Instagram by an user named “Tech Paresh”. The original post can be seen here.

The video in Tech Paresh’s profile had garnered 45,470 likes at the time of writing this. Moreover, browsing through the profile one can find that Paresh had been uploading many videos with similar themes. Earlier, one such video had massive reach and it was reported by various news outlets as well, but the news items were soon taken down by them, once they realized their mistake.

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This video published on 17th December has suddenly become viral as many are sharing the video with almost identical taglines. This video too appears to be scripted, like the other videos in the channel, as the girl in the video can be seen in another video with a similar script.

There is also a YouTube channel “Paresh Sathaliya” which contains the same videos in an extended format and a voiceover. Many such videos can be seen in the YouTube channel.


A scripted video of a young girl marrying an old man is shared in social media by unwitting users who have mistaken it to be real. The maker of the video had indulged in creating many such videos.

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