A swiggy mob-lynching advertisement shared by Snow Mountain AI’s co-founder, Nilesh Trivedi, is fake!


Snow Mountain AI’s founder, Nilesh Trivedi, posted a Swiggy advertisement card titled ‘eviction-safe meal delivery’ with the sharing ad, he claimed A new Swiggy ad hits hard. 

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Zomato, a food delivery platform, has drawn acclaim and criticism for launching a new service on Tuesday that exclusively serves vegetarian consumers. With consideration for the dietary requirements of its pure vegetarian customers, Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the debut of the “Pure Veg Mode” delivery service on Tuesday. 

Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal, after continuous negative repercussions on social media, tweeted on March 20 that there would be no segregation of the on-ground fleet and everyone would wear the standard red. 

Meanwhile, Snow Mountain AI’s founder, Nilesh Trivedi, posted a Swiggy advertisement card today, in which we can see it’s written, “we will not disclose your dietary preferences and will keep them private. Adding our delivery fleet doesn’t leak your private habits to the world.” We can also see in the advertisement mocking words that, “we do not even pay money for life insurance for our delivery partners possible mob lynching.” On the cards, we can see a delivery person standing outside the customer’s house, and on the right side, we can see two to three people standing with sticks. 

This advertisement card was widely shared by social media users and can be seen here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth? 

We ran a reverse search image, but we were not able to find anything similar to this advertisement card. Additionally, we searched Swiggy’s official social media pages, so finally, we found the tweet was posted by Swiggy’s official X handle on March 20, 2024.

In a tweet, Swiggy recreated and posted a public service announcement saying, “”We came across a fake ad this morning regarding a recent controversy. If it isn’t obvious, this is not an ad by Swiggy. It was neither created by us nor anybody affiliated with Swiggy. Kindly refrain from circulating or attributing it to Swiggy.”.

According to the Swiggy tweet, we found the viral Swiggy advertisement card is fake, not created, and connected with Swiggy; it has been falsely made and shared. 


Swiggy’s eviction-safe food delivery mockery advertisement card is fake, as Swiggy clarified by tweet. 

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