A video about a Muslim man adulterating milk is unequivocally erroneous.


In madrassas and family, from childhood, the inspiration to do bad and heinous acts with non-Islamic people, motivates them to do bad behavior and heinous attempts with us, again and again. Now it is your wisdom that….. keep distance from them and their products and their establishments

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A video of a man adulterating milk is shared mentioning that he is a Muslim and that Indian Muslims should be honoured with a prize for his shameful, shameless activity. The viral posts are captioned as ‘dekho nasik ka e jihadi hinduo ko kesa dudh pilate he?’


What is the truth?

The outraging video which was shared by several users (Twitter, Facebook) on social media claiming that the Muslim man who is adulterating milk is false.

In search of this weird video using certain keywords regarding adulteration of milk, it gives rise to the report published by The Times of India dated on August 19, 2020.

The details published in the report, is that the man in the video was a dairy farm worker who belongs to Dabeerpura, Hyderabad named Raju.

Further pinpoint about the incident is that the viral clips is from a Jahangeer dairy product owned by Md Ghouse located in Gol Khabarin, Darulshifa, Hyderabad.The man named Raju, an employee who was milking buffalo at a farm and drinking milk and pouring the left over back to a bucket and then adulterating it by adding water to from the adjacent tank.

After the video went viral on social media, the Hyderabad police arrested the man and registered a case on owner and employee.

According to the Dabeerpura inspector N.Satyanarayana’s report, the owner and employee were filed with the IPC sections of epidemic diseases act based on the complaint of Syed Amzat Hussain jaffrey from Darulshifa.

After registering the case, police summoned the owner, Md Ghouse and there he identified the employee as Raju in the statement belongs to Bihar who recently joined farm. As video went viral he fled away and his mobile got switched off. Police added that they are in search of Raju through his friends in the report.

Back to the claim that the man who is adulterating milk is Raju, not an Indian Muslim who performed adulteration as peddled with the caption “as dekho nasik ka e jihadi hinduo ko kesa dudh pilate he?”


Here, from the above information, the video went viral mentioning the Hindu man as an Indian Muslim and, moreover, the incident happened in Hyderabad. Therefore, it is a false claim.

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